You've wasted hours crocheting projects, only to undo everything because ...

... the project doesn't fit 😓
... your garment looks unfinished and 'handmade' in a not so good way 😬
... you used the wrong yarn so your garment is stiff and uncomfortable to wear 🫠 ...

When all you really want to do is crochet a garment with that 🌟modern crochet look🌟

However, unless you have a simple framework to plan your design with the right drape and measurements …

You’re NOT preparing your crochet project to be wearable or easy to follow!

gallery wall collage of crochet design patterns by for the frills with cup of crochet hooks on top of a sketch book with skeins of yarn
But whenever you think of designing a pattern, the task feels too overwhelming and you don’t know where to start!

Or maybe you’ve tried to give designing a go and abandoned your project halfway, frustrated that it doesn’t look like what you imagined.

What if you could ...

✓ Pick the right yarn and stitch choice to ensure that your garment has effortless drape

Never wonder if your garment will fit

✓ Create different silhouettes, sleeves and neckline shapes without wasting hours of crocheting with trial and error

Grade your design for a wide range of sizes

crochet button down ribbed cardigan and textured sweater with 'i can't believe you crocheted it!' text

How would it feel to turn one of your ideas into a

real-life, physical crochet project?

Say goodbye to endless crocheting frustration and hello to designing your first crochet sweater!

Introducing ...



A 4 module framework to guide you from an idea to finished crochet project.

This course bridges the gap between crocheter to designer, so you can design the garment you've been dreaming of!

Learn the exact method I use to create modern crochet patterns that have been viewed over 40+ million times!

modern crochet design viewable on computer, tablet, laptop and smartphone


Core Crochet Principles

This is the bread and butter of knowledge to build up your crochet designer’s toolkit! Learn how yarn, stitch and gauge all play a part when creating your design and how to achieve my signature *Modern Crochet Look*.

(valued at $300)



🧶 A swatch glossary + video comparison demonstrating different types of drape

🧶 Discover the different yarn attributes, fibre and weight you need to create comfortable and wearable garments

🧶 The fundamental measurements and ease information to ensure your project fits

🧶 Course workbook + exercises to guide you along the design prep process.



So how do you actually make a project? I’ll show you the different ways you can construct your crochet project with a wide variety of silhouettes, necklines and sleeve shapes. Most importantly you’ll learn how to pick the right construction for your design.

(valued at $300)



🧶 A deep dive into crochet garments worked flat in rows

🧶 Learn how to design the core 3 body silhouettes, 3 sleeve shapes and 4 necklines that you can adapt to suit any style

🧶 My method to optimise your swatch and pre-design prep

🧶 An introduction to constructing crochet garments in the round


Design Process

Follow along the entire crochet design process with step-by-step video tutorials as we go from idea to swatch to finished project. You’ll see the ins and outs of taking notes and troubleshooting your pattern, while you’re designing and crocheting at the same time.

(valued at $300)



🧶 The 7 steps to take to design a finished crochet project

🧶 A sample design video tutorial with an in depth behind-the-scenes look at my design and decision making process

🧶 Project focus: sample design is a crochet cardigan worked flat!

🧶 Crochet pattern troubleshooting tips


Pattern Writing

Turn your design into a written template that others can easily follow. Learn all of my tips and tricks for grading your pattern into different sizes and calculating yardage that will save you dozens of hours of your life!

(valued at $300)



🧶 My exact strategy to write a clear and easy-to-follow draft pattern

🧶 Grading 101: How to grade a crochet pattern for sizes XS - 5XL

🧶 The two methods to calculate yarn amounts and yardage

And did someone say bonuses? 😊

⭐ Bonus 1# - Crochet Garment Grading Cheat Sheet

(valued at $100)

- The grading templates I’ve refined over years of designing garments with trial and error, condensed into a handy reference pdf.

- Learn all the key measurements for neckline sizes, sleeve shapes, body silhouettes, strap lengths etc. as well as WHEN and WHY you should alter specific measurements.

- These templates are a huge time saver that will transform your designing skills from beginner to size-inclusive designer. 

⭐ Bonus 2# - Yarn amount + Yardage Calculator

(valued at $25)

- A simple plug and play calculator that gives you yarn yardage for multiples sizes in minutes, not hours! Save yourself the hassle of calculating all the arithmetic by hand.

⭐ Bonus 3# - Crochet PDF Pattern Lesson

(from Crochet Designer Pro+)

(valued at $50)

- Want to earn an income from your crochet designs? In this bonus lesson, you’ll learn how to convert your draft pattern into a beautifully designed PDF that you’ll be proud to share :)

⭐ Bonus 4# - PDF Pattern Template

(valued at $25)

- An exclusive PDF crochet pattern template that you can use to easily change colours, branding and fonts to best match your crochet aesthetic!

📣 Here's what Modern Crochet Design students have gained from this course!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I'm working on a design right now, and it's coming out exactly as I hoped!" - Mary

"This course has helped me with picking out the right yarn, perfecting my gauge swatch, and how to put my thoughts onto paper. I feel much more confident in making my own crochet garments!" - Nicky

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I think so differently now when it comes to yarn and gauge swatches."

"I honestly loved all the lessons, especially the first one (Gauge). Even though I design and make my own patterns, there is so much I learned just from the first lesson - it was an eye opener." - Victoria

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Loved the course and how well thought out it was."

"You answered all my questions when it came to designing. I loved how you explained everything step-by-step and walked us through a sample project." - Jessica

SURE .. you could ...

Grab your hook and just start crocheting ...

But are you willing to spend time and effort on a project that you might not even be able to finish due to yarn/stitch/gauge/drape/construction issues, let alone be the right size so you can wear it?

Or you could re-crochet your design in multiple sizes to see if your grading works ...

Do you have hundreds of free hours to crochet and the budget to purchase yarn for 10+ different sizes?

Follow other designers crochet patterns ...

Crocheting more patterns won’t make you a confident and capable designer - it’s actually doing the opposite! It makes you reliant on others' patterns and more hesitant to try to design for yourself.

✨ Swipe the tried-and-true design process creating crochet patterns followed by millions all over the world

Hi, I'm Grace

The designer, maker + photographer behind FOR THE FRILLS :)

A self-taught crocheter and designer, I went from never having picked up a crochet hook to building a six-figure crochet business in less than 2 years.

The key to my success?

Designing modern patterns that crocheters are proud to wear!

And now I'm sharing my design secrets with you.

Get the strategies to transform your ideas into a physical crochet project and glide through the design process!



Who is Modern Crochet Design FOR? 💖

You want to design your own crochet patterns!

If you’re committed to learning about crochet design, working to improve your skills and put yourself in the best position to succeed at designing, then you’ll get heaps of value from the course!

You dream of earning money with crochet design

This course is focused solely on learning how to design modern crochet patterns. However, designing is the skill that your earning potential depends on. If your designs aren’t appealing and wearable, no matter what monetisation strategies you use, you’ll struggle to earn an income from crochet. That’s why the design fundamentals are so important!

Who's this course NOT for?

Not willing to put in the time and work to crochet your own designs.

Crochet designing isn’t a perfectly smooth sailing process. You’ll make mistakes, have to frog your patterns or abandon some of them altogether. The course sets you up for a successful design, but you still need to crochet the pattern yourself to create a sample. Crochet is a physical craft! You need to put in the work to solve any issues with your patterns that might pop up.

You’re looking for a magic bullet that will instantly create a pattern without any effort. 

This course is designed to teach you the skills to learn how to design a pattern by yourself. It’s not a magic software that will create a pattern for you.

Modern Crochet Design combines video lessons, workbooks, cheat sheets and templates, to create the ultimate crochet design creation system.

Design the crochet sweater of your dreams!


What crochet skills do I need to take this course? What if I’m not an advanced crocheter? Can a crochet beginner crochet this course?

- As long as you’ve crocheted a garment before (even if it’s just 1!) and can read a crochet pattern, you’ll be able to follow along this course. I started designing just 2 months after picking up a crochet hook, so even if you’re a beginner you can definitely design your own patterns. 😊 In the course, you’ll learn how to start off with simple designs that suit your skill set. 

What if I've never designed a garment before?

- Then Modern Crochet Design is the perfect course for you! You’ll learn the foundational building blocks of crochet designing, so you start off on the right foot to create easy to follow designs with the *Modern Crochet Look*. 

Will I learn everything about crochet designing in this course?

- This course focuses on creating modern crochet garments worked flat. Specifically, the sample design is a sweater crocheted in rows. However, the techniques you learn throughout this course will improve and enhance your crocheting and designing knowledge. Modern Crochet Design doesn’t cover more advanced techniques like colourwork, mosaic crochet and short rows etc. If you’re a beginner designer and a fan of the For The Frills style, you’ll be a great fit!

Is the course content dripped out over time or can I view everything at once?

- Get instant access to the course entire course when you enroll! All the video classes, worksheets, templates and resources are ready and waiting for you.

Do you offer refunds?

- We want you to be happy with your purchase! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and you can view the full terms and conditions here.

How long do I get access?

- Once you’ve enrolled in Modern Crochet Design, you get lifetime access. This means you can re-visit the course whenever you want to freshen up your designer’s knowledge.

If you update this do I get updates?

- Yes, along with lifetime access you’ll get complete access to all future updates, resources, worksheets, videos etc. Once you’re enrolled in Modern Crochet Design, you can come back and revisit the material any time you want.


  Modern Crochet Design
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  Module 3 // Design Process
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  Module 4 // Pattern Writing
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Design your own patterns & get that 'crocheted this' feeling x 100!

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